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Lore Party is a podcast about video game lore. We explore the stories, characters, and universes of our favorite video games.

Video game podcasts that cover the latest industry news, review games, and share first impressions of upcoming titles are a dime a dozen. Lore Party is the only podcast that focuses entirely on the in-universe stories and lore of series like Mass Effect, Fallout, Zelda, Metroid, and more.

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Featured Episodes

These episodes are a great place to start if you’re new to the show.


MINIGAME: Building Empathy in ‘Bury me, my Love’

It’s one thing to read about the Syrian refugee crisis in an article, or to see it on TV. But only a video game like Bury me, my Love could make the tragedy feel so real.


GOD OF WAR: Kratos Learns to Be a Dad

To be a good god, Kratos must first learn to be a good father. We explore how the complicated relationship between Atreus and his father evolves in the latest game.